Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mount Morgan

Thursday 9th of July

After a good meal and a couple of beers to wash it down and a good helping Queensland pie, came a restful sleep and then an easy trip from Goovigen to Mount Morgan nestled in between a bunch of hills, both natural and man made.

I am staying at the Silver Wattle caravan park, which is on the way into Mount Morgan, a somewhat old style establishment which was taken over by new management two years ago. They are a young couple who seem to be making a big effort to improve the facilities. Sarah is the backbone of the outfit and is the biggest contributor to the effort. Sarah does a truly magnificent gob of looking after the guests.

Decided to make the short trip down to Rocky to replenish the larder. Discovered that diesel is $1.41 in Mount Morgan and $1.37 to $1.39 in Gracemere (an outer suburb of Rocky), but about half way between the two is Bouldercombe, which has a United fuel outlet and diesel is $1.31

Have only had a brief look at Mount Morgan so far, but it is easy to see that it is a mining town, with hills that have long flat tops (lag heaps), very tall smoke stack and many small corrugated iron houses. The trip to Rocky was an eye opener. Just out of town there is a sign saying the speed limit is 40km per hour, and then you go over the edge of the range and Rockhampton is like 10,000 feet below in the distance with a long and winding road with many hairpin turns down the hill. I did see a couple of vans coming up the hill, but it would be a bit of a haul.

Quite windy here and a little overcast but I am settling in for a stay.

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