Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hot water valve

This valve is usually pinned to the underside of the floor

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When is the choo choo coming

In my recent travels around the Biggenden area I started to notice some new signs.

The first sign on the left says that there is a train track on the side road.

So, I went to investigate. This next picture is looking down the side road.

When I get to the train track I look at the signs and I notice that they seem to be very new. The manufacture date on one of them is 2012.

Then I look left and right and this is what I see.

Later when I speak with one of the locals I am told that it has been something like six years since a train of any description has been on any of these tracks.

My guess is, that this land is still owned and or controlled by Queensland Rail, and, because of political correctness or health and safety issues, (and the fear of being sued if something goes wrong) they have had to put these signs up to save the public from themselves.

The notice in the little yellow sign says "Report faults or safety incidents on 1800 079 303   Quote crossing #4796"

The only possible fault or safety concern I can see is that the train driver can't see where he is going.

Pacific Baza

Saw about four of these birds on the Gooroolba-Biggenden Road near Degilbo

Because I don't know a lot about the bird life, I had to write and ask my resident bird identifier and ask. You can read more about the Pacific Baza here.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mt Perry

Drove to Mt Perry today from Biggenden.

Not a lot happening in Mt Perry, small and sleepy.

About 70km with some of it unsealed and seven cattle grids.

Passed one caravan which was going from Mt Perry to Mingo Recreational Reserve and on the way back passed another one going from Biggenden to Mingo Recreational Reserve.

Approaching Mingo  Recreational Reserve from Biggenden

This shot taken from the road

 And three from inside the reserve.

Clean, tidy, run by the local shire. Fishing and boating is catered for but a sign warns about algal bloom, as long as you remove all of the gut of the fish there isn't a problem.

Mingo Recreational Reserve seems like a nice place to stay, $26 per night for a powered site and $10 for a camp site.

The road in from Mt Perry crosses several properties (hence the seven cattle grids) and there is some unsealed roads, but just drive to the conditions, and keep an eye open for cattle wandering around.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Left Ban Ban Springs at 10am, stopped at Coalstoun Lakes cemetery and then on to Biggenden were I am staying in the Mountain View caravan park. 

Am off to have a look around the neighborhood, Degilbo, Didcot and Dallarnil.

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Ban Ban Springs

Stayed in Ban Ban Springs last night. Arrived there 2pm, parked the van and then made the short (26km) trip to Gayndah. There were only three others there when I arrived so I parked well away from all of them, when I got back at quarter to five there weren't many left.
Looking towards Gayndah with the road to Biggenden the right.

Two views of the freecamp site.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Stuart River

Here are two views of the freecamp at Alwyn Francis Bridge (497 in Camps8) which is 10km south of Kingaroy on the Bunya Hwy

It may be free but it is public and the toilets are spartan. Most women would say, "thank goodness we have brought our own".

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Living Edge (Bellagio) Caravan

For those people who have bought or are planning to purchase a Living Edge Caravan you may have trouble locating the switch to turn on the 240V power supply for the hot water system.

The hot water system is located in the front right corner of the van behind the black door.

 Once you open the door, you will see in the bottom left corner behind a couple of pipes, a small piece of white plastic flap against the back wall at the tip of the arrow.

Lift the plastic flap and you will find the switch to turn on the 240V supply for the hot water system.

Inside the van in the same corner, inside the cupboard down at floor level, you will find the tap to turn off the gas.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Scones for afternoon tea

Had scones for afternoon tea the other day.

Unusual verity they were.

They had paper glued to the bottom.

Trying to save on paper plates I think.