Saturday, July 4, 2015


Saturday, 4th of July

The joy of not having a set timetable as in wandering.

While driving from Mundubbera, where I stayed last night in Jaycee Park (free camp), towards Monto, I decided not to go to Waruma Dam with the caravan, but instead go straight to Monto, where I am staying in the small park behind the information kiosk. They charge $5 per person, per night, no power, water or toilets (must be self contained) but I'm not sure who collects the money.

During the afternoon I drove (car only) down to Waruma dam to see what all the fuss was about. Lucky I didn't take the van, because there aren't many sites available. The place is somewhat crowded. Some look like they are there for a very long time. There is a fifth wheeler there as well, but I don't think I would take my van down where he is parked; it is going to be a big haul back up the hill when it comes time for him to leave.

On the way there I passed through the small village of Abercorn where I noticed something I haven't seen in some time. The tennis courts at the side of the road had his and hers amenities. Very quaint.

Tomorrow I will make a day trip to Cania Gorge national Park, which is about 27km to the north-west of Monto.

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