Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wolfram and Northcote

Northcote is about 20km north east of Dimbulah and is now on private property. Almost all trace of the town has disappeared.

Wolfram is about 22km north west of Dimbulah and all but the last 7km is bitumen. When you get to the junction of Wolfram Camp Road and Bullaburrah Creek Road you will see this sign.

At this junction, turn right onto the gravel road. If you have a UHF radio, start to monitor channel 11

7km later you arrive at the junction of Wolfram Camp Road and Main Street which veers to the right in this picture.

The road straight ahead only leads to a private property 200m further on.

Main Street is about 500m long and there are small metal signs suggesting where different establishments were once located.

At the far end of Main Street you will cross this causeway

After the causeway you will see this yellow sign and to the left is a holding area

If you hear the message 'vehicle leaving gorge access road' park in the holding area until all out going vehicles pass you

Using a UHF radio broadcast the message 'vehicle entering gorge access road'

If you don't have a UHF radio, be very careful on the next 700m of single lane road. If you meet a vehicle leaving YOU WILL HAVE TO REVERSE back to the holding area

At the end of the single lane you will see another holding area and when you are leaving you will have to follow the previous instructions

The road here turns right but you CANNOT continue to the mine until they come and get you

The two wheel track going straight ahead leads to the Wolfram Cemetery and there are two gates which you must open and then close each time you go through them.

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