Saturday, September 5, 2015


Went to Ravenswood for a week, and stayed for three weeks.

The area around Ravenswood is very dry and one often wonders how anything survives in the place.

                                   Ravenswood is full of history, a lot of it in ruins.

                                                                      The whole of Ravenswood is heritage listed, so if you find a bolt or a nut you can't take it, yet here are still people getting around with metal detectors and shovels. After years of pilfering there isn't anything left to take.

From the 1860's to about 1915 they dug holes everywhere and they needed lots of steam to run the mills, hence all the chimneys and no trees.

I spent endless hours wandering around the old mine sites and old houses, or hat remains of them, where people worked and lived.

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