Thursday, July 14, 2016

Filthy day in Ilfracombe

It is 10am Friday the 15th, sitting in my van looking out the window on a miserable day. It has been raining all night and the weather radar shows that it is clearing, so is the caravan park. The rain is light now but there is a south-westerly blowing which makes it much colder than it should be.

I imagine that if you were free camping in the area last night you wont be going anywhere for a while. A little rain makes the soil soft, slippery and boggy. Out here you don't drive off the bitumen if it has been raining.

I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Winton and I hope that the rain and wind ease up a little more later today so that I can do a few things to be ready to leave in the morning. Better go make another cup of hot coffee.

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