Monday, July 18, 2016

Day trip to the Isa

The good thing about not having a plan or timetable, is that you can do things on the spur of the moment.

Today I did a one day trip to Mt Isa. It is only 121km from Cloncurry on a good road which is shared with a number of road trains, mostly four wagon side tippers going to and from Mt Isa.

70km west of Cloncurry is the once thriving Mary Kathleen uranium mine and today there is just a small sign showing where it is.

The whole of the mine site is now on private property and this is the view of the entrance on the Barkly Highway. I saw one section of road on the property which is out of bounds to visitors and you do have to keep an eye out for cattle. If you have a four legged companion with you, be aware that 1080 poison baits are distributed on the property.

These next three photographs are of the original township. You will see a number of caravans parked in this area, allowed by the property owner, for free camping.

 All that remains of the township are the roads and some concrete slabs, which I assume are where the car ports stood next to the houses.

(click on any photo to see a larger view)

This area is well patronized and I saw about a dozen caravans parked in here. You have to be self sufficient with your own water and power. There is more than enough room so that you don't have to be right next to another van with a generator. No fires are allowed on the property.

There is a bitumen road (lots of potholes, farmer wont have the resources to maintain it) from the entrance of the property on the highway leading back into the property and if you follow it you will find the main entrance to the township shown on the right.

Following the road back behind the photographer in the last shot for a few kilometers you will come to the end of the bitumen and barely 50 meters further on the right you will find a two wheeled track leading to the right.

A short distance later you will see these concrete structures and if you continue to the left of these you will arrive at another road at which you turn right. At the end of this road, which has been blocked by loads of big rocks to stop you driving any further, you will find some walking tracks that lead to the big pit.

It is a nice place to explore and on a future trip I will stay here and explore the rest of the property.

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