Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sapphire to Peak Downs Hwy

Today I did the trip north from Sapphire through Rubyvale to Capella and then east to Dysart and then continuing east to the Fitzroy Dev Road, then north towards the Peak Downs Hwy.

I have stopped about 24km south of the Peak Downs Hwy at a gravel storage area where I will freecamp for the night and then tomorrow I will do the last 130km into Mackay.

This is one of many hills I saw on the way near Dysart, all of which look like they are the result of some volcanic activity in the past. They mostly appear out in the middle of the plains rather than a part of a mountain range.

The area from Sapphire to Rubyvale exhibits a lot of activity, both past and present, in the never ending search for those precious gem stones. I will return to this area for an extended stay at some time and do a little digging myself.

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