Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When is the choo choo coming

In my recent travels around the Biggenden area I started to notice some new signs.

The first sign on the left says that there is a train track on the side road.

So, I went to investigate. This next picture is looking down the side road.

When I get to the train track I look at the signs and I notice that they seem to be very new. The manufacture date on one of them is 2012.

Then I look left and right and this is what I see.

Later when I speak with one of the locals I am told that it has been something like six years since a train of any description has been on any of these tracks.

My guess is, that this land is still owned and or controlled by Queensland Rail, and, because of political correctness or health and safety issues, (and the fear of being sued if something goes wrong) they have had to put these signs up to save the public from themselves.

The notice in the little yellow sign says "Report faults or safety incidents on 1800 079 303   Quote crossing #4796"

The only possible fault or safety concern I can see is that the train driver can't see where he is going.

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