Monday, May 18, 2015

Living Edge (Bellagio) Caravan

For those people who have bought or are planning to purchase a Living Edge Caravan you may have trouble locating the switch to turn on the 240V power supply for the hot water system.

The hot water system is located in the front right corner of the van behind the black door.

 Once you open the door, you will see in the bottom left corner behind a couple of pipes, a small piece of white plastic flap against the back wall at the tip of the arrow.

Lift the plastic flap and you will find the switch to turn on the 240V supply for the hot water system.

Inside the van in the same corner, inside the cupboard down at floor level, you will find the tap to turn off the gas.

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  1. if single beds in van look under the bed, the hws is plugged into a 240 v socket, if a double bed there will be a cupboard inside the van adjacent to the outside vent where the 240v socket will be