Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In the long paddock

Thursday, 25th of June

I am now officially in the 'long paddock'

Woke up this morning in Nanango after arriving there at 3pm yesterday for a cup of tea stop. You know how it is, a cup of tea, a bit of a chat, next thing you know you have to make the evening meal. 

Drove up towards Goomeri and on the way stopped at Boonara to photograph half a dozen graves at St. David's church, and then on to Tansey where I photographed about 15 to 20 graves in the local cemetery which is about a half kilometer walk from the highway. 

Arrived at Ban Ban Springs at 2pm and decided to stay the night here. Will drive to Mingo Crossing tomorrow morning. 

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  1. Mingo Crossing gets good mention in Wikicamps, including pics. Does the OAP plan to add some of his own Mingo pics?